by Dreal

I ran, and I ran, and I ran out of time. I could only outthink Xaron to a certain degree before he'd be hot on my trail again.

At first I was enchanted by him, then we angered his brother and were both cast out. I was stuck with him. For a while, he taught me very useful things, and so I stayed to learn. Then we were lovers for a while, and things seemed to be okay.

But his mind was slipping. He was not a normal person; he was like a deity, but perhaps only half a deity. The other half was missing, the other half of his soul, his mind, his spirit and his power. That half was in Warren, and after a thousand years or so of separation, the effects were quite noticeable.

Then after a thousand or so years of pressure from him to test our abilities on various worlds in wanton destruction, I decided I had enough. He was abusing my abilities, and me and the toll on my sanity, which was far more intact than his, was showing.

I came up with new plan after new plan to try to evade him; I switched forms over and over again. He could still scan a whole planet looking for my energy and find me in short order, so I switched many times over and over again in quick succession, going from one end of a world to another, breathless with exhaustion, but needing to be free of him for certain, no matter what the cost.