Catching Babies

by Drendel

I was fairly old to hear elves and men speak of me....but being Sidhe I didn't show my age at all. I remember vaguely past lives as a swan maiden and a unicorn, so I was fairly naieve and innocent and pure still....not STUPID, per say, but perhaps a little more likely to take it on faith that things would turn out well, and that everything was under some Divinity's control.

I took the throne for Kerri in a fit of generosity. I had a beautiful palace erected, and coaxed Sidhe foliage and creatures into a beautiful open atrium which opened on the bedroom, so I could relax in the beautiful four poster bed but still be closer to my native country. A side benefit of this was that if I needed to be Between, or if a visitor from Between needed to visit me, my bedroom served as an access point.

One wouldn't be able to distinguish between my friends and my court, perhaps because they were deliberately the same. When they were in Kerri, my friends stayed at the palace. I often wasn't there, however. I would play tricks on my guests, insisting they attend a ball and sneaking off to the fields to help mortal elven women by catching their babies. I would come back glowing with newborn life, and they would chide me for playing tricks on them, I would just laugh and dance and tell them about the baby. Everyone forgave me then.

I was friends with an elvish woman. She took a Sidhe wizard to bed, which might not have been totally wise, I thought....but she seemed happy. Not long thereafter, he kissed her on the forehead, as he was a truly tall being, and he left her. Very soon after, we knew he'd left his seed to grow in her, and she rejoiced that she'd be birthing.

Spring came, and cool breezes, and she often said she talked to her unborn child's spirit, and that it would be coming soon, much sooner than any elfborn. By the size of her belly, I'd have said she'd have twins, but I too spoke with the boychild in her womb, whose prebirth name was Silver....

She asked me to catch her baby, which was an honor for me and much loved by me....