Welcome to Elven Ensemble, a chorus of past-life story told by 4 different elves witnessing the same historical events from different perspectives.

You have up to five different perspectives to choose from for each event in the story. The first is a narrative perspective of the events, as seen from an omniscient point of view. This point of view is a big spoiler for some things that confuse the protaganists of the tale. You may access this point of view of your section in the story at any point by clicking on the "Elven Ensemble" logo.

The other points of view are those of four beings who participate in the storyline:

  • Drendel is the peacekeeping and peaceloving queen forced to face a confusing and dangerous war which has no point and no end she can fathom.
  • Celeglas is a prodigal half-human half-elven child, prophecied to be the queen's heir, growing up a warrior in the queen's retainer.
  • Nightwind is a priestess and healer from another world facing her own conflict over whether to help protect the land the queen defends.
  • Dreal/Brenhani inadvertantly caused the war, but she has become a wolf in mind, spirit and body and has no knowledge, and no desire as a wolf, to stop it.

Some sections of this tale may not yet be completed, but hopefully you'll enjoy this tale.

Perspectives may have multiple pages for a single episode. I'm still working out the bugs for navigation. Comments would be appreciated.


To move forward in the story click "Next", to move backwards in the story click "Back". These buttons will maintain your current perspective (i.e. you will either follow the omniscient narrator, Drendel, Celeglas, Nightwind or Dreal/Brenhani, depending where you are in the stories).

To switch perspectives, click on the picture of the character whose perspective you wish to view, or the title logo for the omniscient narrator's point of view.

If the character's photo or name is greyed out, they are not available for that episode.