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Pro-Bono or Partial Payment website request

Eclectic Tech, LLC has a commitment to helping people and businesses in the Hudson Valley community. In addition to a 10-15% discount on easy-to-edit website packages that I offer certain businesses & professionals, I usually take on one pro-bono or partial payment website project at a time. If you want to be on a waiting list for a free or discounted website, please submit the following application for consideration.

Both for-profit and non-profit businesses which qualify for Eclectic Tech's discounts get highest priority, followed by businesses which are non-profits. Other for-profit businesses in need but who do not qualify for discounts may also apply. A commitment for a partial payment would be greatly appreciated and may go a long way towards getting your application approved; in spite of a commitment to service and helping those in need, Eclectic Tech does have expenses.


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