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For years I was getting my business cards through an on line site. While I did like them, their prices were going up. I decided to have Criss order them this time. Let me say that I was impressed. Not only were they fast, but the quality was superb and the price was right. I actually got a better grade of card stock, glossy both sides, and two times the quantity for less money. We are now in the process of ordering my trifolds. I can not wait to see them.
Liz Gramm
Gramm Photography, Campbell Hall, NY
Criss Ittermann (Eclectic Tech) has been our web designer for many years and we have been extremely pleased with the business relationship. Criss is very easy to work with, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and delivers a superior product within the agreed upon timeframe and budget. What more could one ask for?
Anne Miller
Independent Living, Newburgh, NY
I had my website up and running for the last 3 years and I was very satisfied on how it looked. My only concern was that people weren't looking at it, hence I was not getting business generated from it. Criss from Eclectic Tech was running a "Mini Marketing Evaluation" special and I bit the bullet and hired her. She went over my website and analytics and showed me where I can improve the look and feel of it. After following her advice my website is top notch. Not only am I thrilled with it, I am thrilled with the advice Criss gave me. I would highly recommend her to all who have business and want to spice up their marketing material. Thank you Criss for your expert advice.
Liz Gramm
Gramm Photography, Campbell Hall, NY
I purchased a Mini Marketing Evaluation from Criss Ittermann of EclectichTech, and was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She was able to see what would help to improve my company, and gave me specific tips on how to increase traffic to my website. In implementing her recommendations, I am confident that my business, Blissfully Gl-Airy Free will be more successful.
I look forward to working with Criss in the future, and highly recommend her services.
Wendy Blanchard, M.S.
It has never failed to be an extremely productive, innovative and mind-blowing experience for me to have a brain-storming session with Criss! She inspires and empowers me to think outside the box, to clarify my goals and strategies, to create ideas I didn't know were in me--and which also emerge from her! In our brain-storming meetings, we have created book cover designs, CD concepts, seminar structures and book ideas, to name only a few. Brain-storming is a process which has, for me, taken on an entirely innovative and exponential creative dimension when in dialogue with Criss: it has become an essential aspect of my ongoing creative and strategic work as author, coach, and speaker.
Sheila Pearl, MSW, Relationship Coach
I am so grateful to you for the brainstorming session. It helped me to focus more clearly on the direction I want my business to take and gave me some suggestions that I had not considered. I would highly recommend the sessions to anyone starting a new business or interested in new directions for an existing business. Thank you for helping me think "outside the box."
Sharon Donaldson
I Baked, Washingtonville, NY
Criss is an innovative & creative genius who translated my diverse goals into over 60 bite-size strategies in fifteen areas. After our 5 year business plan was executed, I learned the importance of spending more time working on my business than in my business. [Criss] helped us develop affordable ideas & solutions to fuel our 6th-10th year in business without a significant cash outlay in less than two hours. Criss - you are a strategic alliance who will help us remain competitive & float above the ongoing challenges of our marketplace. THANK YOU!
Melanie Richards
Prisms Promotions, Highland Falls, NY
Today was great. Thank you so much! You clarified my thinking a great deal and helped me to figure how to tackle what and when. You also made me understand I really had accomplished something and wasn't spinning my wheels as much as I had thought. I was also afraid I was scatter-gunning all over the place and needed to focus, and yet felt I had logical reasons to touch all the bases I was trying to touch. You made me feel it was OK.
JoAnne Bell
Crafty Bell, Middletown, NY
Criss Ittermann is incredible with her creativity, out of the box thinking and helping you utilize your resources and grow your business. Without her help and guidance I never would have been able to develop and set up my new audio and video seminar series that I will continue to expand. She helps you look at possibilities and opportunities that you would not recognize on your own. She has been an integral part of my business growth today and for the future. I would recommend her service to anyone who is looking for new ways to grow and expand your business.
Cynthia Marsh-Croll
Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance and inspiring ideas for my business. Your fresh approach was just the shot in the arm that I needed to get me motivated again. I will highly recommend your services to any and all who might benefit as I have.
Christy Erfer,
Now that I am preparing and gathering information for our [consultation] meeting, it is FINALLY beginning to make sense what I am doing, and how to do it. Once you told me to situate info and projects by month, my ah ha moment clicked in. We did not have our meeting yet, and already you have helped me, and I feel more organized.
Brenda Hall (R.I.P.)
Scholarships and College Planning, Inc., Middletown, NY
With everything there is to do owning your own business it helps to take some time to step back and look at it all with a big picture perspective. The Crissing Link business brainstorming session was a great opportunity to do that and to help clarify things, generate new ideas, and gain insight from other business professionals. This workshop is a must for any business owner that values their time, resources, and energy or is caught up in the whirlwind of everyday tasks and does not take out enough time to plan. A few proverbs are in order. First, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Second, where there is no vision, the people perish.
Anthony Church
If I want something done right, I either do it myself or I call Criss at Eclectic Tech.
Erik Kemnitzer
You not only taught me a tremendous amount about marketing, but you also positively challenged my ideas and supported the growth of the BTE business model - far beyond the website itself.

After spending the past few years surrounded by "professionals" who had no clue what it means to dig deeper into an idea, it was refreshing to have someone with your talent and open-mindedness give me more to think about. I'm sure many business owners would love to hire someone who tells them how great they are and how much know they about [....], but I am not one of them. And I am quite sure that your (sometimes ego-bruising) feedback is what has made this project successful and worthwhile. I am approaching the hard work yet to come with a new brand of confidence. Thank you.
Erik Kemnitzer
I met Criss over a year ago at a networking function and was struck by her "Liberate Your Website". My business has changed over the last year considerably and my website had become an online brochure but I needed a dynamic sales tool. By moving the Croll Organizing website to Eclectic Tech I now have a site I can change continuously and will grow with my business needs in the future. Thank you Criss Ittermann for helping to "Liberate My Website" and opening up the future.
Cindy Marsh-Croll
Criss is an extremely intelligent professional who shares her time & creative talents freely. The quality of service Eclectic Tech provides is exceptional. Her attention to detail, insights & unwavering support is amazing. Criss' commitment to helping others is not easily matched by many service providers. Many local non profits will testify on Eclectic Tech's behalf. If you need a website or are ready to revamp your existing one, new qualified prospects to grow your business, volunteers, creative ideas or a patient sounding board, call Eclectic Tech first. You will find Criss' green helping hands & the respect you deserve at the other end of the line. Take a few minutes to visit one of her websites - discover new ways to break out of the clutter & drive qualified prospects to your doors while paying great web hosting rates. If you value your difference, learn more about Eclectic Tech's incredible rates before you consider interviewing other service providers or start researching ways to liberate your website. Are you still trying to discover your difference or target audience? Allow Criss to help you reach a new or existing audience in the near future without breaking your budget.
Melanie Richards, Owner
Prisms Promotions, Inc., Highland Mills, NY
Criss's work has always been on time and on budget. The value she delivers is right on target for the work we do. To see an example of the logo she developed, go to
Larry Bear
Port Answer, Port Washington, NY
Eclectic Tech is a very professional organization that puts clients first. The service is excellent, inspired, timely and accurate. I've been working with Criss for several years now, and would not think of going anywhere else.
Victor Erosa
Criss was invaluable in helping us get our online services working again after our web server failed. This critical failure left us with a large body of legacy PHP code that needed modification in order to operate on a newer platform. Criss responded to our request for help and was immediately working with me over the phone to get our code working again. She was able to step into an unfamiliar, convoluted code base and quickly progress through it to identify the problems. Her confidence and communicativeness was very helpful and we were able to get our online services operating again with a minimum amount of downtime. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who has PHP code to maintain and develop.
Jacob Robbins
IT Director, CMJ (, New York, NY
I couldn’t be happier with quality of service I have received from Eclectic Tech. Reasonable prices, excellent response times, friendly answers, and creative thinking.... I will recommend you to anyone in need of your services.
Chris Zino
Criss gets the job done. She has a variety of skills and not scared off by a challenge. Results are delivered on time and on budget.
Kevin Burke
Founder of Lucid Marketing, Princeton, NJ
Having a website is an incredible thing, especially one as "elegant" as mine. Thank you. It is such a freeing thing to refer people to the website. I am now on the list of preferred vendors at the Ritz Carlton ... the website sealed the deal.
Denise Sampson
Owner, Simply FlawlessFaces, bridal make-up artist in Monroe, NY. Denise has a website designed by Silverflux Design & created by Eclectic Tech.

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