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Individual & Life Coaching

Our life coaching business is now mainly offering coaching & consulting services for plural & DID systems, you can find that information at our Liberated Life Coaching website.

Coaching for Solo Business Owners

Do you know a business owner who has never run or managed a business before?

This person has ongoing business needs, so we can create an ongoing relationship and help them shape their business while learning the ropes. Ongoing coaching helps customers save money versus single brainstorming sessions and have a consistent relationship with ongoing support.

Liberate your Business with ongoing revolutionary brainstorms

Today was great. Thank you so much! You clarified my thinking a great deal and helped me to figure how to tackle what and when. You also made me understand I really had accomplished something and wasn't spinning my wheels as much as I had thought. I was also afraid I was scatter-gunning all over the place and needed to focus, and yet felt I had logical reasons to touch all the bases I was trying to touch. You made me feel it was OK.
JoAnne Bell
Crafty Bell, Middletown, NY

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The perfect client...

After years in the industry -- I realize that:

  1. there are people who "don't know what they don't know"
  2. there are the people who devour, but do not truly digest, all the marketing homework.
  3. there are the people who have just enough business experience that they think they can do it alone and don't realize that marketing (& service | product development) is a moving target
  4. there are people who are agile and adept and willing to experiment, learn and change, who realize they don't know everything, they try to learn and apply new things all the time...

While #1-3 definitely need my help -- desperately. Guess which one usually ends up being my client? #4!

There is no perfect coaching client, except that they are ready to embrace an opportunity for change.

Don't leave your success to luck.

If you want to:

  • get out of a rut,
  • make more & spend less,
  • avoid common business downfalls,
  • work easier and smarter,
  • make your business worth your time,

And just become a more successful business owner...

I will help you:

  • fall back in love with your business,
  • uncover unexplored niches for your marketing, products or services,
  • discover a sense of adventure in ordinary situations,
  • solve the puzzle of your business problems,
  • think differently about your business and your prospects,
  • improve the world's perception of your business,

All while developing new ideas and fresh solutions for your business.

I am a revolutionary brainstormer, but consistency is key. When you have a one-time session with me (a "brainstorming session"), Il do my best to help you -- and many people find that a single brainstorming session with me can help their business for years! But if you take my ideas from a single session and run with them, and find that they work for you think about how much more we can do together if we work with each other consistently.

Feel free to call me at 845-820-0262 to schedule a (free) get-to-know-each-other chat, or leave a message and tell me when you'll be available to schedule our first conversation. If you'd prefer, email me below and I'll call to schedule an appointment with you.

Thank you for your time!


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