Online Course Development

Are you thinking about developing online courses on Udemy or other platforms?

There's a lot of questions you should ask yourself before you even pick up your camera or load screen recording software. Thinking about your course before you start can help you have a much more successful experience in course development, and help you have more organized materials, a marketing plan, and help you develop a course culture that appeals to your target audience.

To help me create courses, I've created a template that I use for course development, and I used to create my Udemy classes. I'm offering that template, which was made for Scrivener, for the public.

Click below to order the Scrivener template for Udemy Course Creation.

Brainstorming Services

If you're planning a course, and need ideas or assistance with developing your course outline, strategizing content, etc. you can request a brainstorming session with Criss. We can work together remotely on your course outline, bullet points to hit, overall structure, missing elements, and more.

Contact us for an appointment.

If you want to learn more about my services and availability, then please fill out my contact form below, or pick up the phone and call 845-820-0262:


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