Marketing Evaluation

What is a Marketing Evaluation?

This is a critique of your marketing and branding materials that results in a list of suggestions of changes to style, images, branding assets (logo, tagline, etc.) and content (aka marketing copy) to help you create the image you want to have for the target market you want to reach.

Full Evaluation (call for quote)

With a full marketing evaluation, I'm looking for personalization, pain points, calls-to-action, effective ways of getting your prospect into your marketing funnel. I'm looking for cues that signal trustworthiness, accuracy, reliability, guarantees, and so on that will help build the prospect's trust in your message.

If you're interested in a full marketing evaluation, we should go over what you have to include in the evaluation and I'll quote you a flat-rate price.

I will take your materials and pour over them and make notes about my suggestions, then we can have a meeting where I will go over the suggestions I have for improving your marketing to be more consistent, to have a solid call-to-action, and to appeal to your target customer.

Mini Session $40

An entry level offering to provide you with an analysis of and strategies to improve one aspect of your marketing. For example, your website, business cards, printed materials, sales process, voicemail message, etc. Distance sessions over the phone, Skype with screen sharing, Realtime Board, or via email. Half hour live session. Contact me or call first, but if we've spoken and made an appointment you can pay $40 now.

I had my website up and running for the last 3 years and I was very satisfied on how it looked. My only concern was that people weren't looking at it, hence I was not getting business generated from it. Criss from Eclectic Tech was running a "Mini Marketing Evaluation" special and I bit the bullet and hired her. She went over my website and analytics and showed me where I can improve the look and feel of it. After following her advice my website is top notch. Not only am I thrilled with it, I am thrilled with the advice Criss gave me. I would highly recommend her to all who have business and want to spice up their marketing material. Thank you Criss for your expert advice.
Liz Gramm
Gramm Photography, Campbell Hall, NY

If you would like to discuss marketing evaluations, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.