Is Vistaprint cheaper than your local print broker?

We aren't offering print services to new customers any longer. These prices haven't been updated in years, and with changes in fuel prices, the prices of paper have risen, the prices of shipping have changed, etc. Check with your own local print brokers, don't contact us about these prices. Thank you.

Vistaprint lures people in with an offer of free business cards. They definitely know what they're doing and they spare no expense on widely advertising their availability. They're actively crushing local printshops by brokering out their printing to large in-trade print houses.

But that advertising costs you the consumer money somewhere. And that's how a small print broker like myself can save you a lot of money on your printing by cutting out that large advertising bill.

When their business lures you in with a loss leader for "free" and then tacks on the shipping, you get a starter pack of business cards probably made from a template that hundreds of thousands of people have designed their business cards from. This is fine, for throw-away cards. Go right ahead.

But the moment that you want anything outside their narrow specifications the price jumps up. See, that loss leader set the bar in your mind of "these people are cheap." But they're not. And right now, I can't even find their free card offer. But they have you hooked because you already think of them as "cheaper" than other print options. Out of habit, because it's "easier", you purchase all your printing from them, maybe a website too, and promotional products. And you're getting ripped off. You're paying for that enormous advertising budget.

So let's do a quick price breakdown on some popular products, just quick & dirty.

ProductVistaprintEclectic Tech
1000 high gloss 16pt full color 2-sided business cards$94.99 shipped$38 shipped
1000 high gloss 16pt full color 2-sided postcards$169.99 shipped$66 shipped
1000 trifold brochures full color 2-sided, 100lb gloss book stock$283.48 shipped$133 shipped
1 outdoor banner 2' by 6' with hems & grommets$59.15 shipped$52.06 shipped

As you can see, on all but the banner pricing you're getting no service and higher prices when you order from Vistaprint. This means, simply put, that you can get professional design services and still generally save money over ordering from VistaPrint.

ProductSuggestionSavings with our print discount
Business CardsAdd in .75 hours ($52.50) design timeStill save $14.49
PostcardsAdd in 1 hour ($70) design timeStill save $43.99
TrifoldsAdd in 1.5 hours ($105) design timeStill save $55.48
BannerHave us design it (.5 hrs minimum, $35)You pay an extra $17.91, but it's professionally designed

There are very few products you can order from Vistaprint that you can't order from a local printshop. Vistaprint lets you design your own, but then leaves you to sink or swim with your design. When you work with a professional they can look at your design and let you know if they see something wrong with it. They can take your ideas and polish them so that they work well.

Vistaprint is in the business of pumping out as many print jobs as possible in as little time as possible. They don't care if it makes you look good. Whether you get your printing done with Eclectic Tech or another print broker or local print shop, you're going to get people who are more invested in your success as a businessperson.

So hold on to your wallet, we can save you money and help you look better too.

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