Print Job Details

Print Job Details

We use soy ink.


  • $35 minimum for in-house design work ($70/hr, 1/2 hr minimum). Design includes assembling files to specifications even if all elements are supplied, as well as creating original design elements, locating photos, searching through clip-art, etc. Licenses for art and photos from outside sources may be extra.
  • Set-up fee for first-time orders with "print ready" art is included. See "What does it mean to be 'print ready'?" below.
  • Prices quoted do not include New York Sales Tax. You are charged in-state taxes at the point of delivery. If you'd like sales tax included in your quote, please ask for tax to be included and specify the address where you will take delivery.

Rush Charges

You will always be informed if you will be incurring rush charges.

  • When my queue gets large, there may be a 3-4 day turn-around on artwork and ordering printing. I will inform you the length of delay in my queue, and if you decide you still need to bump people from the queue it will incur rush charges as follows:
  • Rush art charges are $100/hour. I'm usually $70/hr so this is just shy of 1.5x my normal prices, just to make the numbers handy for mental calculations.
  • Minimum charge for rush artwork is $50 (1/2 hour).
  • Rush printing charges: I will do everything I can to expedite both printing & shipping, but there are limits on what I can expedite, and those services come at a steep premium from the manufacturing plant. Please inquire per product, but generally expect it to cost 1.5x the amount between overnight printing & shipping, possibly more. I cannot get you print jobs within 2 days. Generally it's 3 business days between printing & shipping — or more.
  • Shipping delays based on shipping provider logistics and weather are not my responsibility. Various services may have logistical issues for a variety of reasons out of my control. I will help file complaints or attempt to get a shipping refund with your cooperation, but I cannot guarantee that it will be successful.

Rush charges cover the costs of reshuffling my queue, possibly ticking off other customers who have been waiting patiently for their jobs, and the additional stress it causes me.

Other Materials, Effects & Coatings

(samples available upon request)
Spot gloss, foil works, luster cards, natural cards, pearl effects, plastic business cards, silk, satin or suede coating, waterproof & tear-resistant paper, EDGE cards, embossing, thermography, variable print.

Other Products Available

Multi-page booklets, annual reports, CD & DVD covers, bottle neck hangtags & more.

Submitting your own art? Do a Pre-Flight Check

What does it mean to be "print ready"?

If you are handing in your own artwork, and it's generated out of Publisher or Microsoft Word, I can't fix issues with your file. I can only separate your PDF into separate pages, send them to the printer, and cross my fingers hoping for the best. How much more do you expect for a $10 order/service charge?

For the best results with your files, please go down this list before generating your own PDF files. You will be responsible for printing problems:

  • Check all your fold lines for brochures by printing out at 100% -- do not allow your printer to scale your art.
  • All fonts need to be outlined. Embedded fonts are not acceptable if you want me to open the file and do anything with it.
  • All art elements need to be high enough resolution for print. For photos that means 300dpi. 250 is the minimum. Under that, and it may come out blocky or fuzzy.
  • Art must be supplied in a format that can be used on a Mac computer, such as a PDF file or EPS file. To work in the printer's templates, please send artwork as Adobe CS6 versions.
  • Art must include bleeds if colors or images touch the edge of the final product. Bleed requirements: As a rule, print on paper requires a 1/16" bleed on all sides (or add .125" in each direction total), large format products have variable bleed requirements, please check before submitting art.
  • Transparencies need to be flattened. Printing equipment doesn't like "see through" at all. Eclectic Tech runs your file through a pre-flight and it ought to flatten the transparencies.
  • All fonts must leave a text safety margin for the cutting line. For paper products that's usually 1/16" on all sides.
  • Cuts are not 100% precise, please avoid borders and lines too close to the edge where slight variations in cuts will become obvious.
  • All Microsoft Publisher (.pub) files and Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) need to be changed into print-ready PDF files (please use CutePDF or any other method to create a pdf from your file) with outlined fonts. Publisher is not available on the Mac, and is not a precision-graphics application. I cannot guarantee that Publisher-created PDF files will print correctly. If I open your Word document, things may move, or I may not have the fonts. Word has a handy "Save as…" - select pdf and make sure it's created with all the options to make it the highest resolution possible (on the Mac that means "Suitable for Printing".)
  • Your artwork will not be sent to print until you do a visual proof of the work and OK the proofs in writing. If your order is time-sensitive, please be ready for this step or delivery may be delayed. A form will be sent with the artwork for proof, please fill out the form, check and initial your options, and return it via email.


I accept cash, checks, money orders, PayPal and if I must, I can possibly accept payments from other services. I do not handle credit card information; do not send it to me I don't want it.

Payments must clear before design or printing can begin, checks in amounts over $300 require 2 banking business days to clear. You may use other payment methods to expedite these orders.


If you're in a rush (i.e. "I need it by this weekend.") then please contact me ASAP so I can check your order details and get your art ready to send out. With rush fees, I may be able to get orders to you within 5 days. If need be, I will refer you to a local specialist who can fill your order in time to be picked up for your event. Normally you will have your order within 5-7 business days, including shipping, but while most products are produced in the NJ facility, some items ship from Minnesota, Ohio, Florida or California. Please make your due date clear, and have the budget for rush printing, and expedited shipping.

If artwork delivery or approvals prevent me from placing the job in the queue in time (usually 10am EST), it will increase turnaround time by a business day.

Artwork Rights

Eclectic Tech LLC will give you work-for-hire rights on all artwork directed by the client. Eclectic Tech LLC is not able to give you full license on anything containing clip art, stock photos, or other 3rd-party licensed products. When you provide art to Eclectic Tech LLC, you are implying that you have the rights and licenses needed to produce the final art you are requesting. Eclectic Tech is not responsible for artwork, logos, clipart, photos, music, or any other content that you provide.

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