Website Designs

Sometimes you have exactly what you want for your website in mind. Sometimes you have no clue what you need. We'll accomodate you either way.

When you call to discuss your website, we will ask questions about your business and the level of design you're looking for. Here are the general design levels:

Quick & Easy (Economy Package)

If you're on a very tight budget or pressed for time, we have a variety of readily-available website templates already configured for our Easy-to-Edit™ websites. You may view the designs currently available with our Express packages here.

Bring Your Own (Express Package)

The next tier of design: bring your own.

We have a site already

If you have your own website already, but would like to use the Easy-to-Edit™ system, we will translate your current website to our package.

We found a design we want to use

Another option for an Economy website is to browse on a website template site (such as, or to get the permission of a web designer to re-use their website design -- a good option for local chapters of clubs, non-profit organizations, or special-interest groups who can network within the industry and get permission for re-use. We include the cost of translating pre-made HTML webpage designs into a template for your website.

We're hiring another designer

Some designers are incredibly talented at making things pretty. Eclectic Tech makes pretty into functional by working with your designer and translating their design into a website template.

Something Unique (Deluxe Package)

In some cases, you just need something terrific that is just for you. Perhaps it's because of the clients you're trying to appeal to, or you're in a high-end industry. If you need a custom design, Eclectic Tech will provide it for you in the Deluxe package.

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