Eclectic Tech Maintenance Plans

Eclectic Tech Maintenance Plans

"As a non-profit with a fragile budget the New York Solar Energy Society welcomed the chance to have Criss set up and manage our website for a monthly fee. Over time she learned our lingo, made our website more accessible on mobile phones and advised us about low cost web solutions for conferences and conference registrations. Websites are key for any organization and having one paid person keep us current has worked very well for us."
--Wyldon Fishman, Director New York Solar Energy Society

Just do it for me

One-off website changes are available on an ad-hoc consulting basis, or for regular maintenance of your website you can save money by paying monthly for a set number of hours to use each month.


$70/hour. Each service call has a 1/2 hour minimum and times are rounded up to the next 15 minute increment. Hence the minimum per service call is $35, and if it takes 35 minutes, you're paying for 45 minutes.

I need a website virtual assistant

2 ways you save and get more work done:

  • 1/2 hour minimum per service call waived
  • Lower hourly fee!

Best choice if you:

  • have frequent website changes to make
  • add photo, video or article content to your website frequently
  • keep an events calendar with frequent changes
  • want postings and changes to your website reflected on Twitter or Facebook (and we have access to your account)
  • want a regular, predictable, monthly bill

On this plan, you have a set number of hours of work that can be done on the plan that month (any time left at the end of the month is forfeit). Monthly plans get a discount on overages ($67.90/hour), too. Here's some sample monthly plans:

Monthly payments

HoursMonthly FeeSavings
Example: Purchasing a 2-Hour package is a savings of $14 over paying for hourly consulting. If you have the 2-Hour plan, but in a big project you use 6 hours in a month, you will be billed for the extra hours at a 5% discounted rate ($266 instead of $280).

Non-profit companies should inquire about discounted monthly maintenance plans.


If your company requires a different maintenance plan or a retainer plan at a discount, let's figure out what type of maintenance plan would be best for your business.

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