Easy-To-Edit website requirements

Technical Requirements

If you want full-service from Eclectic Tech, you do not need this page.

If you already have a domain name, a website hosting service, have your own server to host an Easy-to-Edit™ website on, or are just a techie wanting a peek, here's the information about what you need to have an Easy-to-Edit™ website:


  • A website hosting service (a place that stores your website text, photos, etc.), preferably a Linux server.
  • A domain name (example.com - points to your website hosting service). It's always best to own your own domain name.
  • Your server needs to run PHP. In most cases, no database is necessary.
  • Eclectic Tech needs FTP access to your web-server (change your password when we're done!).


  • If you're getting a custom design, please have artwork, photos, logo, design preferences, company colors, etc. handy.
  • If you could please provide 3 or 4 websites whose designs you like -- and please let us know what it is about each that you like.


  • Things go faster if your content is ready.
  • If you need help with your content, please see our companion site: http://WebsiteVideoHelp.net for a Content Guide.


  • An Express website can be up and running within 3 business days.
  • Custom design takes under 2 weeks if the client gives timely feedback when preliminary designs are presented.
  • Delays in delivery of materials or feedback for materials presented will delay finishing the website. Please provide materials to be included in the website in a timely manner.
  • Content guidance is available for free, content development is available for a fee.

Don't have a domain name or website hosting service?

I help come up with domain names, help people register them, and give advice to people who don't have website hosting services. Domain names cost about $20 per year and hosting prices range from $5 or less per month to $20 or more per month.

I recommend that anyone paying over $20 per month call to have me evaluate your services and whether you are paying too much.

Eclectic Hosting Co-op

Free for the first year! Eclectic Tech has a hosting service, priced as a co-op, only available for Easy-to-Edit™ clients. Annual prepay cap is $60, and the price of the service adjusts downward depending on the number of people hosted on the service. Our current price is $48/year.