Im Criss Ittermann, the Eclectic Tech, revolutionary brainstormer helping small business owners answer important questions for their business.

Print Services

Less Expensive than you think!

You need to look your best when you're presenting your business. I'm not talking about your clothing. No matter how well dressed you are, if your promotional materials are dated, inaccurate, crossed-out, printed on a home or office printer, photocopied, or so on, you are turning off your clients as certain as you were dumpster diving for dinner.

Make sure you present potential clients with clean, crisp, professionally printed materials that are as unique as your business. When your materials are orderly it gives your prospect a sense that you are serious, that you are successful, that you are organized, that you will go to great lengths to do right by them. Because it looks like you went to great lengths to market to them.

And, really, it's OK to spend .4 ($.004) to hand a prospect a nice business card, right?


Graphic Design Services

Crisp and clear artwork

Tired of a fuzzy logo? Did your provider turn you away because your logo is of poor quality? I specialize in turning low-quality raster art like JPEGs into vector art for high quality imprints, scalable artwork, trade show and booth signage, stickers, labels, wall graphics, billboards, signs and more. I can design logos and provide high quality printing services. I can also help industry professionals consult on graphic design issues.

Marketing Evaluation

Mini Session $40

An entry level offering to provide you with an analysis of and strategies to improve your website, business cards, printed materials, sales process, voicemail message, etc. Distance sessions over the phone, Skype with screen sharing, Realtime Board, or via email. Half hour session. Contact me or call first, but if we've spoken and made an appointment you can pay $40 now.

I purchased a Mini Marketing Evaluation from Criss Ittermann of EclectichTech, and was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She was able to see what would help to improve my company, and gave me specific tips on how to increase traffic to my website. In implementing her recommendations, I am confident that my business, Blissfully Gl-Airy Free will be more successful.
I look forward to working with Criss in the future, and highly recommend her services.
Wendy Blanchard, M.S.


Tackling small business issues

My signature service: brainstorming sessions. These client-driven intense sessions address problems or shortcomings in a business, or work/life balance issues, and search for new ideas, markets, products, services, relationships, partnerships and more to help solve them. Sessions are facilitated both as individual sessions, or in a small group setting, often pre scheduled. Terrific for board or staff meetings, or for solopreneurs to gain a temporary partner in their business who compliments their strengths. Read more about brainstorming.

With everything there is to do owning your own business it helps to take some time to step back and look at it all with a big picture perspective. The Crissing Link business brainstorming session was a great opportunity to do that and to help clarify things, generate new ideas, and gain insight from other business professionals. This workshop is a must for any business owner that values their time, resources, and energy or is caught up in the whirlwind of everyday tasks and does not take out enough time to plan. A few proverbs are in order. First, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Second, where there is no vision, the people perish.
Anthony Church

Business Coaching

Ongoing business improvement

A string of brainstorming sessions with continuity of subject matter or context, business coaching also helps small businesses and small business owners continually improve and develop new services, programs, markets and opportunities to flourish. Read more about business coaching.

Group Events

Works well with others

In addition to group brainstorming, and coaching, I also run some local events: NWIN, a monthly woman's network co-directed by Melanie Richards and Holistic Hudson Valley which I run alone. See my upcoming group brainstorming events.

Website Development

Content-centered sites and special web applications

About half of my career, I was also debugging and repairing other people's computer programs, and I'm now a web programmer and system administrator. I develop websites for clients requiring specialty applications and don't want to pay custom software prices. I also create basic content-driven websites, check here for a website feature comparison. I can provide less expensive websites with pre-made designs, and other features & options. I also help people with website problems and answer their frequently asked questions about websites. Established clients can go on a maintenance plan.

Contact me

If there's something you need, and you're not sure whether it's on the list above, please contact me below. I have an extensive network, so even if I can't figure out how to help you, I probably know someone who can.


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