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Eclectic Tech offers full service design &
printing solutions for your business.
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Criss Ittermann is a master brainstormer. Let
her lead your team or jest sit with you alone
and help you come up with amazing new ideas
or solidify your plans and goals.

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Ongoing small-business coaching services are
available for building your brand, marketing
campaigns, managing work stress, and growing
your business.

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Solutions for Your Problems


Your marketing pieces will get more attention when they're professionally printed & designed. And it's cost-effective. Ask for my assistance for printing or print design.



Sometimes you're out of ideas and you need a little inspiration. I've always got more ideas than I can handle, and I'm willing to put my brainstorming skills to work for you.



Try coaching if youíre stressed and you have too many things going on at work. You arenít sure which projects to tackle first, and details are starting to slip through the cracks.



You could use a fresh and honest pair of eyes to look at your website, printed materials, business card and more. Are they working for your business? Get specific tips to improve them.


Eclectic Tech, LLC - Liberating Business People

Eclectic Tech, LLC, owned and operated by Criss Ittermann, provides a variety of business marketing and growth services in the Hudson Valley reigion. When you want someone with an adventurous attitude to encourage you to solve your business problem puzzles, ground-breaking ideas to bring a big difference to make you stand out in a crowd, fresh solutions to age-old business headaches, or a patient and willing ear to let you unload, talk to Criss.

New: Printing & Graphic Design Services since 2006

I've finally put my print & graphic design services on center stage. Find out more about all the services I offer here.

People say I'm good. Don't take my word for it...

Criss was invaluable in helping us get our online services working again after our web server failed. This critical failure left us with a large body of legacy PHP code that needed modification in order to operate on a newer platform. Criss responded to our request for help and was immediately working with me over the phone to get our code working again. She was able to step into an unfamiliar, convoluted code base and quickly progress through it to identify the problems. Her confidence and communicativeness was very helpful and we were able to get our online services operating again with a minimum amount of downtime. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who has PHP code to maintain and develop.
Jacob Robbins
IT Director, CMJ (, New York, NY

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