Vector Art

Vector Art, Illustration and Design

Vector art is scalable, clean, crisp artwork, and as such is required whenever precision graphics are required. It can work from business card size to billboard size without losing quality. There are specialized pieces of equipment that require vector art to create products, such as embroidery machines, etching, printing, and more.

If you don't have a logo yet, you want your logo created as vector art. See our page on logo design for more information.

Eclectic Tech works exclusively* in vector artwork as the basis for original art that we create. From there, we can supply files in any size or format required for your needs.

(*With the exception of photos -- photos are not vector graphics, however vector graphics can sometimes be created from photos.)

Help! Is this vector art?

You tried to get something printed, perhaps some mugs with your company logo, or to get your logo embroidered on a t-shirt, and you were asked whether you have vector artwork.

Depending on where you got your logo from, your logo designer may not even have an answer for you.

That's when people come to Eclectic Tech.

First, we'll let you know whether the logo or artwork you have is vector art, for free. Just contact us and we'll email you back with an email address you can send your artwork to. (You might be able to answer this question on your own -- consult our Design FAQ.)

Then, if what you have is NOT vector art, we can create vector artwork for you. We'll provide you with all the files you need to work with the printing company, embroidery company, promotional product company, or anyone else you need.

(And if you need a promotional product company, we can recommend one to you.)

For more information on the difference between Vector and Raster artwork, and why this is necessary, please see our Design FAQ.

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