Mission Statement for Eclectic Tech LLC

The Eclectic Tech Mission Statement

It is my mission to provide new business services with honesty and integrity, to always be up-front about my expectations to my clients, employees and contractors, and to provide information about what I do whenever possible because it is insufficient to merely teach people how to fish -- it's absolutely necessary to teach people how to teach people how to fish.

In the act of reaching towards that goal, it naturally dictates an organic and un-stingy philosophy for my works. Achieving my goal requires active communication, comprehensively answering a client's question without mystifying them. A goal so broad in scope can only be achieved through openness in communication and confidence that no one else can steal your business from me; it's the client's inalienable right to choose whether or not to work with me. I would rather rely on satisfaction, loyalty, generosity, and quality for repeat business than fear, selfishness, hoarding, and greed.

How I work to achieve Eclectic Tech's lofty goals

  • evoking the best in others
  • being authentic, frank & honest
  • leveraging my knowledge and intellectual creativity to give advice and ideas to my clients
  • foster environments of community, collaboration, and organic culture
  • aiming to incorporate easy-to-understand tools and applications into client solutions, and training my clients in how to utilize them
  • liberating my clients from vendor-lock-in situations
  • being available for support and maintenance if required by the client while ensuring it is not required by my own practices
  • give classes and create materials with the goal of teaching people to become independent
  • write and contribute works to the public freely whenever possible
  • recommend resources that are clearly written for further understanding
  • ensure that websites are both search engine and human accessible, and accessible for people with disabilities
  • keeping my business associates and clients in business by assertively networking on everyone's behalf (playing matchmaker)
  • understanding that when you give 100% unconditionally, it comes back in ways you could never expect

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