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If you hoard knowledge, you won't gain knowledge. Part of sharing knowledge is using language in ways that people can accept new knowledge and digest it easily. Articles also help people to know, like & trust you.

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It's all about the content

Ever have that "I've never been a writer" feeling? I understand -- and writing marketing copy is particularly challenging.

I prefer to take on a conversational tone. Like this. Write the way I would speak. Like we're having a conversation.

But whatever you choose to write, it has to sound like you (not like me) at the same time that it sounds like you're reading the reader's mind.

So what should you write about on your website? Articles are great for specific services or specific types of problems you solve for your customers. I've written some advice on article writing, below.

What about describing your products and services? That's the boring stuff. Write about problems. If you had that problem, what would you say? Use real, natural language. More and more people are asking questions in the Google search field ("How do I get rid of the rats") rather than just using keywords to find what they need ("pest control, my town, USA"). This is where using the same questions that clients ask comes in handy. In the end, most folk care less about how you're going to solve a problem than they care about the problem. MAKE THE RATS GO AWAY! they're screaming in their head. JUST MAKE MY PROBLEM STOP! and they want it done as soon as possible!

But if you're still baffled, I really get it. I know all this about how to write marketing copy, but I still couldn't fix my own website content for a while. So much harder to work on it when you're so close to the problem, right?

So if you look through this section, and still aren't inspired, it's time for a brainstorming session! That's where I sit with you and we discuss your issue and come up with solutions. If you're stuck on "who is my target market?" or "what messages will my market hear?" then we need to figure that out before we can brainstorm on great article titles for your website.

Are you stuck on ALL your web content?

Naughty business, why can't you just define yourself? Right? That's my sweet spot, you know. Being both a web developer and marketing coach, I can definitely help you with that. I'm like the business whisperer. I'll talk to your business (and you) and help get to the real root of the problem -- whatever it is that's standing between you and that crystal clear marketing message that's been eluding you.

Do you need help with your content? Article brainstorming sessions may be for you. Contact me:


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