How to audit someone's website for Google listings

How to audit someone's website for Google listings

Just how many pages of your website -- or anyone else's, say a firm claiming to be SEO experts -- are listed in major search engines?

  1. Navigate to Google
  2. type "" or "" into the search box
  3. study the results

Say you believe you have 10 web pages on your site. If there are 2 pages in the results, you know there's a problem. Also, double check what comes back in the results -- Google now shows SWF movies in their return listing. They do not rank well, but if your "index.htm" page and "yourmovie.swf" are the only two results -- rest assured that you have a problem with SEO. Google may be indexing little or none of your website.

Similar goes for graphic designers -- if they seem to have 20 pages on their site, but Google shows 2, guess what? Any work they do for you will probably have a similar problem.

What does it all mean?

If you're going to pay top dollar for your web design and content, you want the world to find it. Unless every page you want in the search engine is IN the search engine, your pages can't be found by your potential customers or clients.

What to do:

  1. complain to your design firm
  2. get it fixed
    • check the credibility for true SEO for any firm before you hire them, using the hints from this site

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