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CHAP/S - 5 essential web pages

On a business website, you can essentially break down website content into 5 preliminary pages. Most smaller companies need 4 of the 5. These are the pages most visitors will be looking for before they look for other content. Concentrating on these pages to start with is very important.

Contact us

The entire point of a website is to get people's attention to create a relationship. One click from any page on your website gives people a way to get in touch with you. This page can include contact forms, email address, phone number, mailing address, fax number, a map to your brick & mortar location, etc. Subpages might include a department directory.


This is usually the first page people see from email or website links, brochures, business cards, print & radio advertising, and word-of-mouth referrals. This page does its best to serve you with clearly written, attention-grabbing material that immediately makes your unique niche, and the purpose or theme of your products or services clear. Tell the customer why they want to be there, and make it quick! One idea is to use 5 bullet points or less, and keep them to 5 words or less. Short quick paragraphs with descriptive in-line links to other pages. Falsely thought of as the primary landing page from search engines. Sales or specials are often highlighted or linked-to from the homepage. The message is about the customer and what problems they have that you can help solve, the message on this page is not about you.

About us

Some people want to find out more about your company or the people who work in your company. This page, or its subpages, can include a company history, mission statement, goals, a list of people working at the company, bios of people working at the company, job opportunities or other items that may be of interest to the visitor who wants to know more about the company behind the products and services you offer. This page is about you.


Some businesses have products or packages they’re trying to sell, and there should be a well-organized section describing them. If you have only one product or a small list of closely-related products, it can be displayed directly on this page. If you have multiple categories, this page should describe broad categories of products/packages available. Pages in this section might be Products→Category→Sub-Category(ies)→Products→Accessories.


Some businesses only sell their services. This page would outline offered services, and perhaps their costs, availability, limitations or special offers.

Other web content

There are other types of content that certainly have their place on a website.


If you have been in business long enough to have testimonials or success stories find a way to incorporate them on the website. Be sure to include real names, website links, city & state, when possible. Long testimonials could be success stories. Ask customers if they'd like to be featured as a success story on your website. They may enjoy the free PR that you give them.


If you can, put articles about your field that you've written on your website. These can be press releases, but it's better if they're educational or informational in some fashion. These pages may pay off in inspiring people to link to your website as a resource. They also raise your credibility and can cause people to bookmark your website to come back later.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Combatting Writer’s Block
  • Content Creation
  • Who is your content for?
  • The Search Engine Optimization Fiasco
  • Website Assessment
  • Menu of Content Tweaks
  • Contact Us
  • What Should You Put On Your HomePage?
  • Content for Product Pages
  • Services
  • About Our Company
  • Articles
  • Blog
  • Client List
  • Events
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions

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