Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search Engine Optimization: Basics

This video contains general information about search engine optimization. Your content should match your headers, there should occasionally be the same words in the body text. Do not "keyword load" your pages -- it's best to make separate pages to tackle a range of topics. DO use synonyms and describe concepts.

I personally don't recommend that people pay too much attention to SEO -- writing good human-readable articles is going to serve you better than getting another 1000 disgruntled visitors on your website who stop by, hate what you've done, and leave. Always optimize for people. The only exceptions are the keyword & description metatags, described in the next couple videos.

Best Practices:

Use descriptive links for internal pages -- or use the markup that automatically grabs the full page title from the link destination:


Search Engine Optimization Basics

Use image descriptions (called "alt tags") with every image. This is done in the Easy-to-Edit™ system by doing this:

Attach:image.gif"My image"

Attach:image.gif Δ

Use Search Engine Optimization: Keywords and Search Engine Optimization Description Meta Tag on every page.

Make sure your page Search Engine Optimization: Titles contain important search terms too.

Use - in page titles to separate words when possible -- then use the Title tags to change the title to use spaces. Search-Engine-Optimization-Titles would better than SEO/Titles -- My bad :)

For more information see also: product documentation.

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