Social Media Icons

If you're an Eclectic Tech client, please feel free to use our hosted social media icon set for your website.

Here's how you do that (and the results of what you get are below):

%newwin%[[|]] %newwin%[[ |]] %newwin%[[ |]] %newwin%[[ |]] %newwin%[[ |]]


  1. You want the buttons to be links that open on a separate page in your browser. Use the %newwin% tag at the beginning of each separate line to say "All of the following links on this line open in a new window."
  2. Start a link with the double-bracket start-link command: [[
    • then the destination link to your social media profile page. This may not be the page you view when you are logged into your account, so it may take some tweaking. Example:
    • add the "pipe" character -- that's the | vertical line above the \ on your keyboard or shift-\
    • continue the link with the icon graphic link (see links below)
    • finish the link with the double-bracket end-link command: ]]
  3. Create some type of spacer between your buttons. That can be a single normal space on your keyboard, or if you want more than one space you may need to use the special code   for a "non-breaking space".
  4. Repeat: if you're doing one-per-line start again at step 1. If you're doing them all on a single line, then continue at step 2.

Icon Links

The number after the underscore is a size. Icons are available in 32px or 64px. If you want larger icons, change 32 to 64.

If you need help with social media icons, please email us below:


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