Chapters in Elven Ensemble

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Blank entries might eventually be filled in. If an entry reads "none" it means the perspective is not available for that slot.


Narrator Drendel Celeglas Nightwind Dreal
The Making of The Between none none none none
The Sidhe Restrict Between none none none none
Sovereign Nation of Kerri   none none none
Peace Catching Babies none none none
Birth of Celeglas A Babe in Arms none Temple Black none
Dark Clouds     none Time
Dangerous Visitors     none Transformation
The Unmaking Unravelled   none Deeper
A Brief Respite Falling (in Love)   none Fear
Perchance to Dream Lullaby   Whispers none
Small Packages Curiouser...     Nightwind
An Aside none none none none
A Moment of Calm       Wolf-Man
The Storm Approaches     Planning for Battle none
Surrounded Amethyst
& Decisions
  The South Fights
The Challenge   Dark Rider Single Combat none
The King without a Crown none Regrets
& Killing me Softly
none Sleep
The Fight for Freedom none   Recovery Wake Up
Then no King none none Preservation Stay
Et Tu none none Callings Captured
Switching Places none none none Freedom
The Storm Recedes none none   Forgetting